Molly's World banner.jpg
Molly's World banner.jpg


This impressive application shows the way forward, not just for visual education, but for all learning.’ 

Professor R. D. Hickman, School of Education, University of Cambridge


Molly’s World is a creative/educational app designed to enable children to become part of the digital revolution as producers not just passive consumers. Some elements are illustrated below and further information is available at The principal characters, Molly the cat, Patch the dog, and Thumper the rabbit, were drawn by children at Albany Primary School, Cardiff. See more at:


The app introduces children to the worlds of nature and culture. Molly’s Museum is central to the latter, using 3D HTML galleries to present artefacts from major civilizations and offering the opportunity, in ‘Molly’s Room’s’ for the children to upload their own work into gallery settings. The Cabinet of Curiosities is full of surprises and Molly and Patch discuss an endless stream of intriguing images from her microscope.



‘Journeys of Discovery’ are a key learning device. They begin in Patch’s balloon which rises from the home page and drifts to the ‘Fields of Knowledge’. There it lands and presents children with a random starting point, part of a network of hundreds of others.

Presentations of the natural world include ‘live’ reports from exotic locations like Antarctica, animated journeys in the MollySub using Alex Semenov’s superb pictures, and visits to real and imaginary planets in the MollyRocket.